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These actions can harm our digestive system

Digestive system failure, degeneration of digestive function, and digestive diseases are no longer a problem for middle-aged and elderly people. These actions can harm our digestive system.

1. Overeating

Every time overeating fills the stomach, it damages the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Irritating food or medicine

Alcohol, spicy, hot, and cold foods are definitely harmful to the stomach; drugs such as aspirin and phenylbutazone are more irritating to the stomach, and if they must be eaten, they should be taken after meals.

3. Not paying attention to dietetic hygiene

Eating unclean, undercooked, expired food can cause serious damage to the digestive system.

4. Lack of exercise

With lack of exercise, the blood circulation of the stomach and intestines will naturally deteriorate, thus affecting the operation of the entire digestive system.

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