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Vitamin B3 is a commonly used drug for the treatment of skin diseases

Vitamin B3 is a commonly used drug for the treatment of skin diseases, and these 5 types of people are prone to deficiency

Vitamin B3 is one of the B vitamins family, also known as niacin and niacin in the clinic. It is one of the nutrients necessary for the human body every day. significant.

Vitamin B3 is mainly stored in food in the form of coenzyme, which can be converted into biologically active nicotinamide or nicotinic acid, adenine dinucleotide in the human body, and most of it is found in the stomach and small intestine. These active substances are important coenzymes that promote the metabolism of cellular substances and energy and play an important role in maintaining the growth, development, and physiological activities of human cells and tissues.

These 5 groups of people are prone to a lack of vitamin B3:

The absorption and metabolism of vitamin B3 are easily affected by a variety of factors. Once the absorption is insufficient or the demand increases, vitamin B3 deficiency will be caused. Therefore, the following five groups of people should supplement vitamin B3 in moderation.

1. People who take oral anti-tuberculosis drugs.

2. People who drink heavily.

3. People who are deficient in vitamin B6.

4. Long-term vegetarians.

5. People with chronic gastrointestinal disease or after gastrointestinal surgery.

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