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What are elderberries? What are the benefits of elderberry extract?

Elderberries are the berries of the elder tree, and the fruit ranges from green to red to black. Native to parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia, it is now common in the United States.

Elderberry extract contains quercetin, kaempferol, rutin, and phenolic acids. It also contains flavonoids with antioxidant properties that help prevent cell damage and anthocyanins, which are known immune-boosting compounds. Raw berries are made up of 80 percent water, 18 percent carbohydrates, and less than 1 percent protein and fat. Elderberries are rich in essential nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, iron, and potassium.


Benefits of elderberry:

1. Relieve colds and flu

One of the most abundant benefits of elderberry supplements is their powerful immune-boosting properties.

2. Reduce symptoms of sinus infection

With the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of elderberry, it can help treat sinus problems and ailments related to respiratory health.

3. Acts as a natural diuretic

A diuretic is a substance that promotes the production of urine. Studies have shown that elderberry leaves, flowers, and berries are used in rural populations for their diuretic properties as natural medicines. Even the bark of the plant is used for diuresis and weight loss.



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