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What are the advantages of D-mannose compared to other sugars?

A monosaccharide is the simplest kind of carbohydrate in structure, and can also be understood as the basic unit of carbohydrates, which cannot be hydrolyzed into smaller carbohydrates in the human body.

D-Mannose is a six-carbon sugar, which occurs in the form of macromolecules in nature. Its sweetness is lower than that of sucrose. Because it is also a monosaccharide and cannot be hydrolyzed into glucose, it can be used as a sugar substitute for diabetic patients.

Effects of D-Mannose:

1. Prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections

D-Mannose can effectively relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infection, and insisting on taking D-Mannose can effectively prolong the recurrence cycle of urinary tract infection. At the same time, D-mannose shows obvious advantages over antibiotics, and its side effects are smaller and fewer than antibiotics.

2. Treatment of immune system diseases

D-Mannose can regulate regulatory T cells (Treg) to suppress autoimmune diseases.

3. Improve the balance of intestinal flora

D-Mannose is an excellent prebiotic that has beneficial effects on the host by selectively stimulating the growth or activity of one or a few bacteria in the colon, thereby enhancing host health. It prevents harmful bacteria from forming a bacterial biofilm (biofilm) in the human gut.



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