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What are the benefits of drinking senna leaf tea?

In traditional Chinese medicine, senna leaf is a cold herb that can relieve heat and relieve diarrhea. And it is worth mentioning that the promotion of defecation by senna leaf is not simply to stimulate intestinal peristalsis but to remove internal heat. So many people drink senna leaf tea directly, what benefits will there be?

1. Purgation

Senna leaf is actually a stimulant laxative that promotes intestinal peristalsis. Its laxative effect is stronger than other drugs, so patients are prone to abdominal pain after taking it.

2. Antibacterial

Senna leaves can effectively fight germs, and drinking senna leaf tea has an inhibitory effect on fungal infections in the body.

3. Clean the intestines

In terms of cleaning the intestines, senna leaf tea is not as effective as senna leaf extract, but it also promotes intestinal peristalsis and has a certain weight loss effect. It should be noted that it should be taken in moderation and not too much senna leaf to soak or boil.



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