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What are the benefits of insisting on eating Goji Berry?

Autumn is the harvest season of the Goji berry. After the fruit of wolfberry is made into dried products, it is still a medicinal material for both medicine and food. What are the benefits of insisting on eating Goji berry to the body? What are the benefits of Goji berry?

1. Goji berries can enhance the body's immunity

Human immunity is largely dependent on the function of phagocytes in the body, and the Lycium barbarum polysaccharide isolated from the fruit of Goji Berry is an active element that can enhance the function of phagocytic cells.

2. Goji berries can protect the liver well

Goji berries extract has an obvious effect on resisting the oxidative damage of liver cells, and can also have an ideal removal effect on harmful toxins stored in the liver.

3. Goji berries can help lower blood sugar

Goji berries extract contains guanidine derivatives, and medicines containing metformin sustained-release tablets are used to assist insulin in lowering blood sugar.

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