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What are the characteristics of ginsenosides in ginseng extract?

There are hundreds of ingredients in ginseng extract analyzed at this stage, including more than 20 kinds of amino acids, a variety of active polypeptides, vitamins, trace elements, organic acids, active enzymes, and carbohydrates, most of which have different nutrients value and medicinal value.

The ginsenosides are the characteristic components of ginseng. It can be said that many functions of ginseng are closely related to ginsenosides, and they are also the most essential part of ginseng. It was discovered in the 1960s. It has important physiological activity and is outstanding, and thus become the target of research.

With the deepening of research, scientists found that the active ingredients of ginsenosides after metabolic transformation have better anti-cancer effects and stronger biological activity, so the rarity of ginsenosides has been officially determined. At present, ginseng extract - ginsenosides is widely used in the field of anti-cancer, it has been purified many times through deep wall-breaking technology, such as ginsenosides Rh2, Rg3, Rg1, Rb2, etc., with high activity, easy to be absorbed by the human body and use. Therefore, everyone should also consider the extraction process of ginsenosides when choosing ginsenoside products.

But in fact, eating ginseng directly has no anti-cancer effect. The results of a number of scientific experiments have also confirmed that ginsenosides do not appear in the original ginseng. Only after processing, do ginsenosides with anticancer activity appear and can exert their effects.



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