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What are the effective anti-sugar methods?

In addition to photoaging, skin also has two reasons for aging caused by free radical aging theory and glycation reaction. If you want to resist aging, you must resist glycation. The excessive accumulation of sugar in the human body will combine with the protein in the body, and through a non-enzymatic glycosylation reaction, it will eventually generate advanced glycation end products, referred to as AGEs.

The cross-linking damage of proteins caused by AGEs changes the normal protein structure into the structure of aged proteins.

So what are the methods of anti-glycation? There are three main aspects of anti-sugar, diet, exercise, and anti-sugar efficacy ingredients.

1. Diet

First of all, in terms of diet, it is impossible for us not to consume sugar, because on the one hand, the body needs a certain amount of sugar, and on the other hand, carbohydrates can also be converted into sugar. Therefore, what needs to be done in terms of diet is to control the intake, in short, eat less and eat in quantity.

2. Exercise

Exercise can make the body run more efficiently, thereby improving the body's metabolic capacity, thereby metabolizing the "excess" sugar in the body, and reducing the production of non-enzymatic glycosylation reactions.

3. Anti-sugar ingredients

If it is necessary for skincare, it is not enough to use only these two methods. The time to produce the effect is too long and too slow. At this time, some scientific strength is needed, and some skin care products containing anti-sugar ingredients are used to achieve the effect of skincare and anti-sugar more efficiently. fading effect.



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