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What are the effects of adding ginseng leaf extract to the feed on the immune system of chickens?

In recent years, a large number of studies have proved that ginsenosides are the main active components of ginseng. Animal experiments have shown that ginsenoside is a good immune enhancer, promoting the production of specific antibodies and lymphocyte transformation, promoting the secretion of certain lymphokines, regulating natural killer cells, and protecting tissues invaded by viruses.

In recent years, ginseng leaf extract has been mostly used in chicken feed. Studies have found that ginseng leaf saponins can regulate the immune system of chickens as follows:

1. Promote the proliferation of immune cells

Ginsenosides can increase the number of lymphocytes, especially T and B lymphocytes, thereby enhancing the cellular immunity and humoral immunity of animals.

2. Promote the development of chicken immune organs

Increase the weight of immune organs, make animals grow faster, and promote the maturation of their immune systems.

3. Improve egg production and meat quality

Feed containing ginseng leaf extract can improve the production performance of chickens, improve egg production and meat quality, etc.



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