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What are the effects of arbutin on skin care?

In a lot of skin care products, often can see arbutin this component, it is a kind of what substance, what effect does it care for the skin?

Arbutin is a kind of glycoside compound derived from the leaves of arbutin, which is one of the extracts of arbutin leaves. Arbutin in some products containing arbutin in the market, the raw material of arbutin is often obtained by three ways, respectively from plant extraction, plant cell culture and sugar transfer reaction with different microbial enzymes.

Arbutin is not only a beauty product, but also used as a medicine. The formation of melanin in human body is due to the action of tyrosine and tyrosinase. Similar to vitamin C, arbutin can inhibit tyrosinase activity by binding with tyrosinase itself, and then inhibit the accumulation of melanin in human skin, so as to play the effect of whitening and whitening spots.

At present, the known arbutin includes α-arbutin and β-arbutin. The rotation of α-arbutin is about 180 degrees, while that of β-arbutin is about -60 degrees. Both configurations have the effect of inhibiting tyrosinase, and β-arbutin has the lower price and more applications, but the effect and safety are slightly inferior.

However, α-arbutin 99% does not produce hydroquinone, nor does it produce side effects such as toxicity, irritation and allergy to skin. Alpha-arbutin disinfects and moistens the skin, as well as fighting allergies and helping to heal damaged skin. These properties allow α-arbutin to be widely used in cosmetics.



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