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What are the effects of lycopene? Is there any way to supplement it?

Lycopene is A kind of carotenoid, that mainly exists in tomatoes, watermelon, guava, grapefruit, and other red fruits and vegetables, because the first extracted from tomatoes, so-called lycopene, is the World Health Organization identified as A nutrient.

Natural lycopene in the body through the digestive tract mucous membrane absorption, through the blood and lymph distribution to the adrenal gland, prostate, testis, mammary gland, ovary, uterus, and various mucous membrane tissue, promote gland secretion of hormones, free radical scavenging, both sexes of the reproductive system has a good protection and improvement effect.

In addition, lycopene also has the ability to improve insulin resistance, can help control blood sugar, reduce the occurrence of gestational diabetes, etc.

As an antioxidant, natural lycopene also has good antioxidant properties and helps the body scavenge free radicals.

So what about lycopene supplements?

The specific recommended value (SPL) for lycopene in the reference intake of dietary nutrients is 18mg/ day. If you want to eat this dose, you need to eat a lot of tomatoes every day. And tomato contains solanine and organic acid, and potassium content is also relatively high, if one-time food is too much, can stimulate to the gastrointestinal instead. So people who need lycopene for their health benefits can take lycopene supplements directly.



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