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What are the foods that are good for women's health?

Nowadays, women are paying more and more attention to their health. Women can eat more of the following foods.

1. Soybeans

Soy and soy foods are the best source of phytoestrogens, and soy isoflavones are a natural estrogen that not only prevents menopausal syndrome in women but also strengthens bones and improves skin's water retention and elasticity.

2. Broccoli

Studies have shown that eating more cruciferous vegetables can help reduce the risk of breast cancer, eating more fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids, women are less likely to suffer from non-estrogen-sensitive breast cancer, and broccoli happens to belong to the cross flower.

3. Whole grains

A study found that women of childbearing age who consume more whole grains in their diets can keep estrogen at an appropriate level in the blood circulation and avoid many breast diseases caused by excessive estrogen levels.

4. Contains vegetables

Women should supplement folic acid in moderation, including taking folic acid supplements and consuming foods rich in folic acids, such as animal liver and kidney, spinach, cabbage, amaranth, leeks, fish, eggs, cereals, soy products, nuts, etc.



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