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What are the health and immune system benefits of quercetin?

Quercetin is a flavonoid, a class of plant pigments that help create the color of many fruits and flowers. It is widely found in the stems, bark, flowers, and leaves of many plants, and it contains flavonoids, which is one of the reasons why many foods and herbals are beneficial to health.

4 health benefits of quercetin:

1. Quercetin may help protect cells

Quercetin both promotes cell repair and helps cells protect themselves from infection.

2. Helps in antioxidant

Quercetin may have antioxidant properties or may strengthen the body's enzymatic antioxidant system.

3. Helps reduce inflammation

Quercetin controls the production and release of inflammatory mediators, a substance that makes it harder for the body to balance inflammation.

4. Helps to improve body function

Quercetin is thought to have specific effects on immune system health and may help improve resistance in the airways.

Secondly, all forms of quercetin are well tolerated by the human body, and no side effects have been found in clinical studies, even after increasing the dose.

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