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What are the health benefits of ginger root extract?

Ginger is a kind of raw material with the same origin as medicine and food. The main active ingredients in ginger root extract standard extract are gingerol and gingerol, and gingerol is the most pungent ingredient in ginger. It has many pharmacological effects and nutritional value. It is widely used as a digestive aid for gastrointestinal discomfort; it can also prevent and treat motion sickness, pregnancy, nausea, and vomiting, etc.

1. Adjust the digestive system

Taking some ginger powder properly before meals can speed up the emptying of the intestines, regulate the intestinal probiotic flora, help the body absorb nutrients, and reduce the accumulation of food and bloating caused by food accumulation.

2. Pain relief

Gingerol powder has a certain pain relief effect, especially for dysmenorrhea. Taking ginger powder three days before the menstrual period can relieve menstrual pain.

3. Protect cardiovascular health

Ginger extract supplements can reduce the viscosity of platelets, reduce platelet aggregation and accumulation, lower cholesterol and prevent blood clotting, avoid blood vessel blockage, etc., and effectively protect cardiovascular health.



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