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What Are The Health Benefits Of Green Tea Extract?

Green tea extract Tea polyphenols: It is a general term for more than 30 kinds of polyphenols in tea leaves, and it is a purely natural mixture extracted from green tea.

Many cosmetics today contain green tea extract, the active ingredients of which have been reprocessed to bring beneficial effects to the skin.

Green tea extract has both economic value and health care functions. Green tea extract contains active ingredients such as tea polyphenols, caffeine, aromatic oil, moisture, and minerals.

Benefits Of Green Tea Extract

Health function of green tea extract - tea polyphenols:

1. Hypolipidemic effect

Tea polyphenols can significantly reduce serum total cholesterol, triglyceride, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in hyperlipidemia, and at the same time have the effect of restoring and protecting vascular endothelial function.

2. Bactericidal effect

Tea polyphenols can kill botulinum and spores and inhibit the activity of bacterial exotoxins.



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