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What are the healthcare effects of theanine in tea?

The habit of drinking tea not only brings benefits to our health but also improves our mood. Theanine in tea leaves is a very beneficial element that all of us who drink tea regularly benefit from. Its healthcare benefits include many aspects, including anti-blood pressure, anti-tumor, relieving depression, and enhancing memory.

Theanine is not found in many foods. Although some foods have elements similar to theanine, none of them have such a good effect. So be sure to tell the hypertensive patients around you that developing the habit of drinking tea regularly can help you regulate your blood pressure and get a healthy body.

In addition, the unique theanine in tea also has a very beneficial effect on anti-tumor.

Theanine also has a certain regulating effect on people's emotions, which can relieve tension and relax the nerves. In addition, it is suitable for brain workers to drink tea, because theanine can enhance memory.

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