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What are the medicinal values of goji berry extract?

The use of goji berry in traditional Chinese medicine has a long history, and goji berry contains a variety of nutrients.

The medicinal value of goji berry extract is:

1. Enhance the body's immunity

The immunity of the human body largely depends on the function of phagocytes in the body, and the Lycium barbarum polysaccharide isolated from the fruit of goji berry is an active element that can enhance the function of phagocytic cells. For friends who often feel weak and have poor resistance, you can eat some goji berry every day.

2. Protect the liver

Goji berry extract has an obvious effect on resisting the oxidative damage of liver cells, and can also have an ideal removal effect on harmful toxins stored in the liver.

3. Assist in lowering blood sugar

Goji berry extract not only does not increase blood sugar but also has a significant hypoglycemic effect, which is used to assist insulin to lower blood sugar.



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