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What are the medicinal values of Tribulus Terrestris extract?

Tribulus terrestris is the fruit of tribulus terrestris in the Tribulus family. Mainly produced in Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, and other provinces of China. Harvest in autumn when the fruit is ripe. The whole plant is cut off, dried in the sun, the fruit is left, the thorns on the fruit are removed, and the impurities are removed before use as medicine.

What are the efficacy and medicinal value of Tribulus Terrestris extract?

1. Diuretic effect

Tribulus Terrestris extract contains a certain amount of alkaloids. This substance also has an obvious diuretic effect. When people have edema clinically, they can take Terrestris extract to make excess water in the body excreted as soon as possible.

2. Improve heart function

Tribulus Terrestris extract contains a lot of natural saponins and some flavonoids. After they are absorbed by the human body, they can dilate the coronary arteries, strengthen the heart muscle, and improve heart function.

3. At the same time, researchers said that Tribulus Terrestris extract contains saponins, which have a good effect on increasing testosterone and improving sexual function in ED(erectile dysfunction).



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