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What are the reasons why broccoli extract is used in healthy food?

I don't know if you have noticed, whether it is healthcare food or fitness meal, the frequency of broccoli is particularly high. So what are the reasons why broccoli extract is used in healthcare food?

1. Vitamin C supplement

Broccoli extract is rich in vitamin C, which has a very obvious effect on the improvement of human immune function and can also enhance the human physique and promote human growth and development.

2. Protect the heart

Studies have found that the body's intake of broccoli can boost the production of a chemical called thioredoxin, which protects our heart cells from damage.

3. Weight loss

Broccoli extract is rich in cellulose and easy to digest. Moreover, broccoli is rich in water and low in calories. Eating broccoli can increase satiety, reduce energy intake, and play a role in weight loss.

4. Anti-aging

Broccoli extract is also rich in vitamin A and carotene, which can prevent dry skin, maintain skin elasticity, and improve skin's anti-aging ability.

5. Fight Alzheimer’s

Studies have found that broccoli extract sulforaphane can activate the body's own protective mechanism to fight free radicals and protect brain cells, thereby reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

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