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What are the super hydrating fruits in summer?

Since we sweat a lot in summer, we need to replenish the water frequently. In addition to drinking water to replenish water in summer, what other foods have the effect of replenishing water?

1. Cucumber, water content 96.7%

Cucumber is the best food for hydration in summer, and it has the highest water content of all foods.

2. Lettuce, water content 95.6%

Usually, nutritionists are more willing to recommend high-fiber vegetables such as spinach. But when it comes to hydration, lettuce is a lot higher than them.

3. Celery, water content 95.4%

The energy of celery is very low, but a large amount of water and dietary fiber it contains can effectively suppress people's appetite.

4. Water radish, water content 95.3%

Perfect for spring and summer, radishes have a sweet and spicy flavor, bright color, and crunchy texture that make them great in salads with other vegetables.

5. Tomatoes, water content 94.5%

Tomatoes are good hydrating food. If they are eaten with grapes, cherries, and other foods, the hydrating effect will be better.



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