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What aspects of citrus Aurantium can assist in the treatment?

Citrus aurantium, the dried young fruit of the citrus plant of the Rutaceae family, lime and its cultivars or sweet orange.

The efficacy and role of citrus Aurantium fruit:

1. Assist constipation

Constipation will make the patient's skin worse and worse, and the toxins in the body may not be excreted, which may cause various diseases, so it is very important to assist with constipation. Among them, citrus Aurantium is also very effective in assisting constipation, so this Chinese herbal medicine can be selected when assisting constipation.

Citrus Aurantium

2. Assist gastroptosis

Many people exercising strenuously after eating a meal is likely to cause gastroptosis. Gastroptosis may make people feel pain and also feel obvious discomfort. Once the symptoms of ptosis appear, it is recommended that you seek medical attention in time. Among them, citrus Aurantium has the effect of assisting gastroptosis.

3. Assisting uterine prolapse

Uterine prolapse can also be assisted by taking Citrus aurantium. Many female friends will have symptoms of uterine prolapse, which may make people feel comfortable. Severe patients may experience infertility, so Citrus aurantium is chosen to assist the uterus. Sagging is also very important.

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