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What can ginger root extract be used for?

According to customs export data, ginger root extract ranks among the top 50 in terms of export value of plant extracts. Ginger root extract includes water-soluble proportional extract, alcohol-soluble proportional extract, and content extract.

1. Antibacterial

Studies have shown that curcumin and volatile oils in ginger root extract ratio extract are the main contributors to the antibacterial effects of ginger. Ginger ethanol extract, curcumin, and its volatile oil have anti-gram-positive bacteria in vitro, and can significantly inhibit fungi, and are highly toxic to Salmonella.

2. Anti-inflammatory

Ginger root extract-gingerol has strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity, and ginger oil has an obvious anti-inflammatory effect on acute inflammation.

3. Antioxidant

Studies have found that ginger extract can regulate lipid peroxidation, reduce peroxides in the body, and have strong free radical scavenging activity.

4. Lower blood sugar

Ginger can improve lipid metabolism and has a good blood lipid-lowering effect. While improving plasma lipid metabolism, ginger root extract can improve the activities of liver fat metabolism-related enzymes, such as liver lipase and lipoprotein lipase, and further improve the liver lipid metabolism, helping reduce lipid deposition in the liver.

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