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What is Ginkgo biloba extract - ginkgo biflavonoids and what are the effects?

When it comes to ginkgo, many people are familiar with it. It not only has ornamental value but also has good medicinal value.

Ginkgo biflavonoids are extracts obtained from natural plant Ginkgo biloba leaves through a specific chemical process. Flavone glycosides and ginkgolides are the main active components of ginkgo biflavonoids. Ginkgo biflavonoids have high medicinal value, so what are the effects of ginkgo biflavonoids on the human body?

1. Helps reduce blood lipids

Ginkgo biflavonoids can inhibit the formation of platelet-activating factors in the human body, reduce blood viscosity and reduce blood lipids.

2. Antioxidant

Ginkgo biflavonoids are natural antioxidants that can scavenge free radicals in the body. Therefore, long-term use of ginkgo biflavonoids health care products can play a good role in health care.

3. Anti-aging

Ginkgo biloba extract - Ginkgo biflavonoids can increase the blood flow rate of the whole body, speed up the blood circulation of the human body, promote the metabolism of the human body, and improve the symptoms of memory loss in the human body.

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