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What is the maximum daily intake for L-theanine?

L-theanine acid is the main component of free amino acids in tea. It is believed that the content of L-theanine in new shoot leaves accounts for about 70% of the total free amino acids and that in fresh leaves it accounts for about 1-2% of the dry weight of tea.

1. Soothe the nerves

Clinical trials found that alpha waves appeared in the brains of the subjects after taking L-theanine, indicating that theanine can relax and calm people.

2. Promote brain function

L-theanine can affect the function of the human brain. After taking theanine, people's memory ability can be improved.

3. Lower blood pressure

L-theanine has an effect on the synthesis and decomposition of serotonin in the brain and can reduce the synthesis of serotonin and increase its decomposition, or inhibit its release.

So, what is the maximum daily intake of L-theanine?

The daily consumption should be less than or equal to 0.4g, and the scope of application does not include food for infants and young children. Therefore, when designing and producing each food, it should be ensured that the added amount of L-theanine in the daily intake should not exceed 0.4g.



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