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What is the nutritional value of spirulina tablets?

Spirulina tablets are very popular among health care people. What are the nutritional values of spirulina tablets?

1. Spirulina tablets are rich in protein, up to 60-70%, which is more nutritious than the general concept of food, and several times higher than soybeans, beef, eggs, etc.

2. It is rich in beta carotene.

3. It's rich in B vitamins. There are many types of B vitamins, and each has a special physiological function. The lack of any one of them may lead to diseases.

4. Contains a variety of trace elements necessary for the human body, such as iodine, selenium, etc.

5. Spirulina tablets contain high gamma-linolenic acid, which can promote calcium absorption, improve immunity, prevent metabolic disorders, and prevent aging.

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