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What should I eat in summer? Common sense needs to know

In summer, the weather is hot. Eating some fried and warm food will easily cause you to get angry. If you eat uncleanly, it will lead to acute gastroenteritis. So, what should you eat in summer?

Common sense of summer diet:

1. It is better to eat light, bitter cold, nutritious, and easily digestible food in summer. Do not eat sticky food, which hinders gastrointestinal digestion. Summer heat is hot, high temperature and humidity are heavy, and eating bitter food can clear the summer heat, strengthen the spleen and increase appetite.

2. The preparation of meat and vegetables should be reasonable. In summer, vegetables such as vegetables, melons, and beans should be the main ingredients, supplemented by meat. In summer, lean pork, beef, duck and fish, and shrimp are the best meats, and the elderly are mainly fish, supplemented by lean pork, beef, duck, and so on.

3. Drink more water in summer, and warm water is better. Drink seven or eight glasses of boiled water every day. The body must keep water and replenish water at any time. Water plays a vital role in the human body and maintains the normal physiological functions of the human body.



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