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When does grape seed extract product eat well to the skin?

The efficacy and role of grape seeds:

1. Remove free radicals, anti-aging, enhance immunity

Remove free radicals and prevent the damage of free radicals to human cells.

2. Protect the skin, beautify the skin

Known as a "skin vitamin" and "oral cosmetic", it protects collagen and improves skin elasticity and luster.

3. Anti-allergic

Grape seed extract penetrates deep into cells to fundamentally inhibit the release of the sensitizing factor "histamine" and improve the tolerance of cells to allergens.

4. Protect blood vessels

The active ingredients in grape seed extract can protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, lower cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, and prevent cerebral hemorrhage.

When is the best time to eat products containing grape seed extract?

Under normal circumstances, grape seed extract products can be eaten on an empty stomach after meals or before meals, but be careful not to eat them before going to bed. Under normal circumstances, as long as they are not healthcare products such as promoting sleep, other products are not required. Take it before going to bed and take grape seed extract products. The best time is to take it half an hour after three meals to avoid stomach irritation caused by fasting.



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