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Why can't marigold extract be used for skincare?

Some people want to ask that marigold extract is used as a food additive in many food categories such as dairy products, biscuits, beverages, etc. in my country, and can also be used in feed. Since people and animals can eat it, why can't it be used in cosmetics? Is it better for food than cosmetics? Is the security level even lower?

The main source of lutein and lutein esters is marigold flowers. Many people recognize the benefits of lutein in eye health. It can be used in ordinary food. It is often used in eye care products. It can be seen the importance of lutein in daily food development.

On March 9, 2021, the European Union issued regulations approving Lutein-rich and lutein/zeaxanthin extracts from marigold as a feed additive for poultry fattening and egg production.

Why can't marigold extract be used in cosmetics?

As early as 1986, researchers have studied the safety of marigold extract; experiments have confirmed that marigold root extract contains more thiophene compounds, which can cause irritation to human skin, form blisters, and threaten health! A number of later experiments have proved that alpha terthienyl in the marigold extract is phototoxic to the human body. Although the content of alpha terthienyl in the marigold extract is very small, the quality of raw materials of the extract and the maturity of the process will affect it in the extract. There are potential risks.



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