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Why is it recommended to take Goji berry for a long time?

As one of the first batches of health-preserving ingredients in China, Goji berry is rich in nutrients and is deeply loved by the public.

There are many ways to eat Goji berries. It can be eaten alone, can be used to make soup, and porridge, and can also be used medicinally. The most common way in daily life is to drink water.

1. Enhance immunity

Goji berry extract contains Lycium barbarum polysaccharide, which can help enhance the activity of the body's immune cells and improve immunity.

2. Protect the liver

Pharmacological studies have shown that Goji berry extract polysaccharide 10%-50% has a protective effect on liver cells and can help repair damaged liver cells. The polysaccharide contained in Goji berry can play a very good protective effect on our liver and kidney, and it is also very good for the repair of liver damage.

3. Beauty

Goji berry is rich in Lycium barbarum polysaccharides, vitamins, carotene, flavonoids and selenium elements, etc. After entering the body, these substances can play a very good antioxidant effect, remove excess free radicals in the body, and make the body younger.

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