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Why is quercetin in so many potent nutrients?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Quercetin is a flavonoid, a class of plant pigments that help give many fruits and flowers their color. Flavonoids are also one of the reasons many herbal extracts, such as sophora japonicum extract, are beneficial to health.

1. Quercetin may help protect cells

Quercetin acts as an "on button" to promote beneficial effects in cells, such as cell repair, while it also acts as an "off button" to help cells protect themselves from damage or infection.

2. Quercetin may help prevent oxidation

Quercetin may have antioxidant properties, or it may strengthen the body's enzymatic antioxidant system, which helps the body during biological stress.

3. Quercetin may help reduce inflammation

Quercetin controls the production and release of inflammatory mediators, which make it harder for the body to balance inflammation.

4. Quercetin may help improve the body's ability

Quercetin is thought to have specific effects on immune system health and may help improve the body's respiratory resistance.



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