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Your Eyes Need European Bilberry Protection

Protecting the eyes and reducing fatigue has become homework that most people must pay attention to. In addition to reducing the time of continuous use of electronic products and increasing the time for outdoor activities, it is also essential to properly supplement substances that are beneficial to relieve eye fatigue. European bilberry extract normal & organic fruit powder is rich in active ingredients such as anthocyanins, and its nutritional value and eye protection effect have been widely recognized.

European bilberries are mainly produced in northern Europe, where the sunshine time is relatively long, and the anthocyanin content in lingonberries is much higher than that in blueberries.

The most important efficacy and role of European bilberry extract are to protect eyesight, mainly because of the natural anthocyanins in it, which can protect the capillaries in the eyes, promote blood circulation, and accelerate the regeneration of rhodopsin, so that we can maintain good eyesight.

At the same time, European bilberry can effectively enhance oxygen and blood delivery to the eyes and restore the secretion of tears. For those of us who watch a lot of mobile phones and computers, the eyes are prone to dryness, redness, fatigue, etc., you can eat bilberry, and it can also prevent some unnecessary eye problems.

In short, in daily life, we should take good care of our eyes, learn more about eye health knowledge, master eye protection methods, and appropriately supplement European bilberry extract -- anthocyanin and lutein, which are good for the eyes, to help the eyes relieve fatigue, get rid of dry eyes, astringent eyes, blurred vision, and other problems.

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