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Application prospects of plant extracts in various industries

In recent years, plant extracts have been widely used and flourished in medicine, health products, food, veterinary medicine, aquaculture, and other industries. However, the lack of plant extract standards in the process of industrial development has led to the lag in the standards of raw materials in various industries. The plant extract industry should strengthen basic research, establish rules for plant extracts, and formulate industry standards for classification and classification.

Plant extracts use plants as raw materials. According to the needs of the final product use, through the extraction and separation process, one or more components in plants are directionally obtained and concentrated, and generally do not change the original components of the plant. , can be directly dried into a powder, or supplemented with excipients, etc. to make powder or granule with good fluidity and moisture resistance, and can also be liquid or paste-like products.

Plant extracts are used in medicine, food and medicated diet, health food, plant-derived daily chemical products, plant-derived cosmetics, plant extracts for feed, plant extract feed additives, Chinese veterinary drugs, plant-derived pesticides, plant-derived medicines, etc raw materials.



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