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Are medicines containing Ginkgo biloba extract useful for the hardening of the arteries?

The health benefits of Ginkgo biloba extract have benefited more and more people, such as improving memory and treating Alzheimer's disease.

So, are medicines containing Ginkgo biloba extract effective for the hardening of the arteries?

The answer is yes, there are 2 types of chemical substances in Ginkgo biloba extract, namely flavonoids and terpenoids. These two substances are good antioxidants, which can help remove harmful substances and free radicals in blood vessels, reduce damage to DNA and protect cells.

And in some clinical trials, data show that Ginkgo biloba is a good antioxidant and free radical scavenger, membrane stabilizer, platelet-activating factor inhibitor, vasodilator, and metabolic regulator, which can effectively protect the cardiovascular system.

Therefore, in addition to improving memory and improving Alzheimer's disease, Ginkgo biloba extract can also soften and protect blood vessels.



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