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Determination of synephrine in Citrus Aurantium Extract Straight Powder

Citrus aurantium is the dried young fruit of sweet orange. It is a common medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. It can be seen in many traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions or proprietary Chinese medicine. The reason why Fructus aurantii is loved by everyone is that Fructus aurantii has a unique effect.

Synephrine is rutaceae plants of the genus citrus acid-insoluble ash, dried tangerine or orange peel and other Chinese medicinal materials of a kind of alkaloid, is the Chinese traditional medicine plays one of the main pharmacological action of active ingredients, improve metabolism, increase fat oxidation and raise the level of energy and heat consumption, the effect of weight loss, is the extract of frutus aurantii immaturus play an important role in effective components.

1. Treatment of gastrointestinal stagnation

Taking Citrus Aurantium extract can play a very good negative role in stagnation, if there is gastrointestinal stagnation, indigestion, you can take Citrus aurantium extract.

2. Sending pain relief

The Citrus Aurantium extract standard extract has obvious sedative effects, which can make the mice move quietly. No hypnotic effect, but synergistic with Wabbibci hypnotic.

3. Raise blood pressure

The intravenous injection of Citrus Aurantium can shrink the peripheral blood duct and significantly increase blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Its propulsive effect is rapid, the maintenance time is long, and there is no rapid tolerance phenomenon.



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