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Do you know lentinan? Do you know its applicable population?

Lentinan is made of high-quality mushrooms as the main raw material, and effective active ingredients are extracted from it through technological fermentation. It contains 30%-50% polysaccharides. Lentinan powder is a mainly light yellow powder, easily soluble in hot water, and the aqueous solution is transparent and viscous. As a mushroom extract, lentinan has various pharmacological effects.

The efficacy and role of lentinan:

1. Improve the patient's immunity

For some patients who cannot undergo surgery or have recurrent disease, the use of lentinan can relieve symptoms and improve the patient's immune function.

2. Antivirus

Scholars have found that sulfated lentinan has anti-HIV activity.

3. Anti-tumor

Although lentinan has no immune-promoting effect on normal organisms, it can improve the immune response of tumors and the body after infection, thereby enhancing the anti-tumor effect.

Applicable people of lentinan:

Normal people don't need to take lentinan, because lentinan does not have an immune effect on the normal human body. Only patients who need to improve their immune ability, taking lentinan will play a role in improving immunity.

Because of its efficacy, lentinan has become a target to be vigorously developed in the field of healthcare food.



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