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Eating this way ensures adequate nutrition and simplifies the cooking process

General principle: choose a variety of ingredients, fresh ingredients, and reasonable storage of ingredients.

A variety of different types of food is the basis for ensuring a balanced diet. Generally, our nutritionist recommends eating more than 12 different types of food a day and more than 25 different types of food a week.

Grocery shopping and storage:

①Green vegetables and leafy vegetables should be bought and used on the same day as possible to ensure freshness.

②The roots and stems of fruits and vegetables can be stored for a few days, and it is best to keep them refrigerated.

③ Foods that can be stored for a long time, such as eggs and milk, are always available. I always have milk at home and eggs are always available in the refrigerator.

④ For meat and starchy foods, proper freezing will not cause nutrient loss.

The simple principle is this: Make sure you have quality carbohydrates, quality protein, and fresh vegetables at every meal. A good staple food should not raise blood sugar too high while providing energy, and it should also contain a variety of nutrients. Potatoes, whole grains, and beans are good staples. Generally speaking, most of the proteins in animal food are high-quality proteins with a complete range of essential amino acids, which are suitable for the needs of the human body. Milk, eggs, fish, and soybeans are all high-quality proteins. It is best to eat about 500 grams of fresh vegetables a day, and it is best to choose dark green leafy vegetables and colorful vegetables.

The cooking method is simpler and the cooking time is shortened.



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