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Echinacea extract really boosts immunity and relieves colds

Echinacea is a plant of the Compositae family native to North America. By the end of the 19th century, it also became popular in Europe. People used it to treat toothache, sore throat, colds, and infectious diseases. After that, Germany was the center, and the efficacy of Echinacea was actively studied. , which continues to this day.

Echinacea is already one of the top ten best-selling natural medicinal plants in Europe and America because its main effect is to enhance immune function and fight bacteria or viruses. It is effective against common colds, chronic infections of the upper respiratory tract, and chronic infections of the lower urinary tract, and can also be used to heal wounds.

Echinacea extract has been proved through experiments that it can relieve the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection and the early stage of cold, and can shorten the course of the disease, especially for the early symptoms. Many American family physicians currently recommend the use of echinacea extract to prevent upper respiratory tract infections and other inflammations, and point out that echinacea may be a more reasonable choice for healthy young people in the early stages of a cold.

In Europe, Echinacea is used as an adjuvant for chemotherapy in cancer patients because of the strong boosting effect of Echinacea extract on the human immune system. It is worth noting that Echinacea has a radioprotective effect, which can effectively promote the production of white blood cells in the bone marrow, thereby protecting the human immune system from damage caused by radiation from X-rays or radiotherapy. It is also expected to be a very promising anticancer drug.



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