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Galla japonica extract can be used for anti-caries product development

After testing hundreds of Chinese herbal medicines, researchers from the West China School of Stomatology at Sichuan University found that Galla japonica extract has a strong antibacterial ability and can inhibit the acid production of caries-related bacteria for the prevention of tooth decay and tooth mineralization. Therefore, the active ingredients contained in gallnut extract can be used in natural anti-caries products.

To maintain a healthy mouth, the oral environment must be relatively neutral. When the entire oral environment is in a more acidic environment, it is easy to breed tooth decay or other oral diseases. Galla japonica extract can not only be used to inhibit the acid production of caries-related bacteria but also to make teeth resistant to acidic environments.

Dental caries is a chronic bacterial disease that occurs in the hard tissues of teeth, with a high incidence and wide distribution, which seriously affects the oral and systemic health of human beings. The use of fluoride preparations is currently the most common method for preventing caries. Although fluoride has certain effects in preventing and reducing tooth decay, it is not a perfect solution, and other measures are needed.

In addition, the use of fluoride preparations has obvious limitations, such as causing dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis. Based on this research, researchers are currently developing new oral care products. Galla japonica extract is rich in tannins and provides strong application potential in preventing dental caries.



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