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How plant extracts extend shelf life in meat applications

Plant extracts have the characteristics of strong antibacterial activity, strong antioxidant capacity, broad antibacterial spectrum, safety, and low toxicity, which are incomparable with chemical additives, so they have great development prospects. At present, plant extracts are getting more and more attention. A large number of research results show that it is possible to use plant extracts as natural additives to replace chemically synthesized additives. Some developed countries have used some plant extracts in food preservation, and the types and functions of plant extracts are also increasing. In meat products, from the current research results, the application of plant extracts in improving product quality will become a trend.

Our country is rich in Chinese herbal medicine resources. With the in-depth research on the active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines, the development of its extracts has great potential. Chinese herbal medicine plants contain a variety of active ingredients such as alkaloids, polyphenols, flavonoids, polysaccharides, terpenes, glycosides, quinones, lactones, coumarin, organic acids, oligosaccharides, cyclic peptides, and proteins, so they have certain antioxidant properties. , antibacterial and other effects.

Numerous studies have shown that adding Chinese herbal extracts to meat products can achieve good preservative and fresh-keeping effects. For example, forsythia extract can scavenge free radicals in the lard system and prolong the shelf life of lard.

In addition, Chinese herbal extracts are also very effective in inhibiting bacteria in meat products.

Tea is rich in polyphenolic active compounds, which have strong antioxidant activity and antibacterial effect and have broad application prospects in meat products as natural food additives. The addition of tea extract to meat products can enhance antioxidant capacity, reduce adverse changes caused by oxidative reactions during processing and storage, and extend the shelf life of meat products.



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