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How to choose a high-quality beetroot powder

Beetroot powder is dried beetroot and then ground into powder. Fresh beetroot can be purchased in many channels in daily life, including online shopping. Most of my friends want to buy beetroot powder of better quality, which is convenient and easy to store. Improper storage temperature of fresh beetroot can easily lead to loss of nutritional value, so beetroot powder is a better choice. But there is a problem to consider: how to choose?

1. There is no damage detected

The beetroot grows in the soil, and the growth of healthy and safe beetroot is very strict on the soil. It is recommended that when you buy beetroot powder, the merchants are required to show the authoritative agency to check the indicators of pesticide residues and heavy metals.

2. Use determines the quality

When purchasing beetroot powder, understand the business purpose. Generally, beetroot powder is mainly used for pastry dyeing. The processing technology is rough and the yield is high, but the quality will also be affected.

3. Processing technology determines the quality

At present, 90% of the production process of beetroot powder is ground at high temperature, which has low cost, short production cycle, and high yield, and the nutritional content of beetroot is destroyed. For example, beetroot is rich in polysaccharides, which can enhance the immune function of the body. The polysaccharides are converted into sugars at high temperatures and become acidic in the human body, which increases the burden on human body functions. Therefore, it is recommended to choose beetroot powder made by low temperature grinding process.



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