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How to identify Boswellia?

Boswellia is the resin exuded from the bark of the olive plant Boswellia carterii Birdw. and Boswellia bhaw-dajiana Birdw. of the same genus. Divided into Somali Boswellia and Ethiopian Boswellia, each type of Boswellia is further divided into Boswellia beads and original Boswellia.

How to identify Boswellia serrata extract?

1. It has a special aroma.

2. The surface is light yellow, or with slight blue-green color, and is accompanied by white powder caused by friction.

3. Add water and grind into the white or almost white emulsion.

4. It becomes soft when heated, slightly fragrant when burned, emits black smoke, and leaves black residue.

The chemical composition of Boswellia extract: contains 60% to 70% of resin, 27% to 35% of gum, and 3% to 8% of volatile oil. The main components of the resin are free a, B-boswellic acid, combined boswellic acid, pinene, dipentene, α,3-phellandrene, and other components.



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