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How to tell the difference between bilberry and blueberry, which are similar in appearance?

Bilberry and blueberry belong to the same family and belong to the Rhododendronaceae Vaccinium genus, but the fruit size, growth environment, and anthocyanin content are very different. Secondly, they have a similar appearance, but there are big differences in nutritional components and content.

The first is the place of origin. Bilberry is mainly distributed in Finland and Northern Europe and is widely distributed in the northern hemisphere. Blueberries are mainly cultivated in the United States, Chile, Australia, and China.

Secondly, judging from the fruit, the fruit of bilberry is relatively small, the skin is blue-purple or bright red, and the color of the pulp is the same. Blueberries are relatively large in size, with blue skin and white-green flesh.

Then there are different ingredients. Compared with the two fruits, the content of anthocyanins and lutein in the bilberry extract is higher. The content of anthocyanins in bilberry can reach 300-700mg/100g, while the content of anthocyanins in blueberry extract is 110-260mg/100g.

The last difference lies in the use, bilberry is the raw material of healthcare products, while blueberry is mostly the raw material of daily food.

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