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In what fields is kelp extract generally used?

Kelp extract is widely used in many fields. Here are some common fields:

1. Food industry: Kelp extract powder can be used as a food additive to increase the nutritional value and flavor of food. It can be used to make kelp sauce, kelp powder, kelp drinks, etc.

2. Health product industry: Some ingredients in kelp extract have certain health effects, such as antioxidants, lowering blood lipids, regulating immunity, etc. Therefore, it is often used in health care products.

3. Cosmetics industry: Some ingredients in kelp extract in stock have moisturizing, moisturizing, antioxidant and other effects, and can be used in cosmetics to improve skin conditions.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: Kelp extract is used in some traditional medicines to treat certain diseases, such as goiter.

5. Agricultural field: Kelp extract can be used as fertilizer or soil conditioner to provide nutrients for plants.

6. Scientific research field: Scientists research the ingredients and efficacy of kelp extract to provide the basis for the development of new products and technologies.

It is important to note that specific application areas may vary depending on the composition and properties of the kelp extract. When using kelp extract, relevant regulations and standards need to be followed to ensure its safety and effectiveness.



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