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Is Boswellia Extract - Boswellic Acid the Strongest Treatment for Arthritis?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

As a botanical medicine, Boswellia extract Standard Extract: 25% - 99% Boswellic Acid (HPLC) is mainly composed of boswellic acid compounds. The powder is white without any additives and excipients. It is the main supplement for arthritis. It can effectively eliminate delayed onset muscle soreness and regulate human lipid metabolism. , anti-ulcer, regulate the body's immunity, etc., can also reduce asthma and improve oral health problems.

1. Arthritis and Pain Relief

Boswellic acid contained in Boswellia extract can treat muscle and arthritis pain, and its analgesic effect is significantly higher than that of aspirin, which can enhance the mobility of joints, inhibit the production of arthritis factors, and effectively avoid the occurrence of senile arthritis and ventilation.

2. Fight Cancer

The triterpenoids contained in boswellic acid are anticancer substances that can inhibit the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and protein in leukemia HL-60 cells, inhibit lipoxygenase and cell proliferation, and induce tumor cell apoptosis. Studies have shown that it can reduce the tumor size of tumor patients and reduce the damage of cancer cells to the brain.

3. Improve skin condition

Boswellia extract can reduce skin redness and irritation, regulate skin condition, and even skin tone, treat skin ulcers and then skin inflammation, improve skin aging and dullness, etc.

4. Digestive system diseases

Boswellia essential oil powder has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, can treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), also reduces abdominal pain, relieve dysmenorrhea in women, prevent indigestion problems, and improve intestinal flora.



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