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Study Finds: citrus peel extract helps maintain a healthy weight

Naringenin is a flavonoid found in citrus fruits. Research from a university research center in the United States has shown that this chemical can control blood sugar levels and burn more calories, effectively controlling weight.

Since obese people have excess white fat in their bodies, converting white fat to beige fat may be the best weight loss strategy, the researchers noted. More beige fat means more calories from fat and glucose can be burned, benefiting obese and diabetic patients.

Naringenin activates genes responsible for improving blood sugar control and increasing calorie burning and can be used to convert the body's white fat to beige fat.

The main component of citrus peel extract is naringenin, which exists in a large amount in citrus peel. Naringenin has various functions and has been widely used in medicine, food, and other fields.



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