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The Importance of Healthy Eating Worth Knowing

Now, there is increasing evidence that most of the diseases that endanger human health are caused by improper diet. People rarely think about the nutrition and hygiene of food, but eating healthy affects our physical health. Now, we should pay attention to the importance of healthy eating.

How does healthy eating affect our physical health?

1. Provides a lot of calories

Healthy adults consume 2,000 to 3,000 calories per day, and food can provide a lot of calories.

2. Provide immune substances

Foods such as wolfberry, chrysanthemum, milk, royal jelly, and soft-shelled turtle contain a lot of immune substances, which are especially important for the infirm, infants, and the elderly. Regular consumption can enhance the body's resistance.

3. Food contains a lot of antibacterial substances

Foods such as tea, garlic, and onions contain a large number of antibacterial substances, which have obvious antibacterial effects on Gram-positive cocci and negative bacilli.

4. Provide a large number of vitamins, cellulose, and other trace elements

Vitamins, cellulose, and trace elements are all essential to the human body. Although the human body does not require much of these nutrients, they must be fully supplemented from the diet, otherwise, diseases will be caused.

5. Regulate the metabolism of human substances

Diet can balance the body's synthesis and catabolism.



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