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Three effects of plantain boiled in water

Many people think that plantain is a common weed, but this is not the case. In the world of traditional Chinese medicine, the seemingly insignificant plantain is very effective, but ordinary people do not know it.

Boiled plantain has three effects:

1. Regulate the secretion of gastric juice. Plantain can regulate the secretion of gastric juice bidirectionally. It can regulate hypersecretion and hyposecretion of gastric juice. However, the effect of plantain on the stomach is based on the working state of the stomach, not the resting state of the stomach.

2. Plantain usually has expectorant and antitussive properties. After taking psyllium, it can make the body's windpipe larger so that phlegm can be drained smoothly. If you find yourself suffering from various chronic bronchitis or cough symptoms, you can take some plantain to improve your condition.

3. Resistance to pathogenic microorganisms is also one of the functions of plantain and plays a more important role. Plantain boiled water can treat inflammation very well, and also has a good therapeutic effect on diseases such as jaundice hepatitis.



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