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What are the benefits of adding allicin to feed?

Garlic extract contains allicin, which has strong food attraction and broad bactericidal effect and has a good effect on the prevention and control of Vibrio.

1. Bactericidal and bacteriostatic

Adding allicin to the feed can effectively prevent and treat enteritis, and has a good preventive effect on the inflammation of the digestive tract in the early stage of the disease. If it is added to the feed regularly, it can prevent diseases of the digestive tract, thereby improving the disease resistance of farmed animals.

2. Protect liver

Because allicin has the functions of anti-inflammatory and lowering blood lipids, if it is eaten by animals for a long time, it can protect the liver and increase the detoxification function of the liver, thereby protecting the liver and even the whole body.

3. Temptation

The unique garlic aroma of garlic is a good food attractant for animals. This smell will make animals feel appetite and increase the speed of eating; at the same time, garlic extract - allicin can enhance gastric secretion and gastrointestinal motility. , which promotes digestion.

4. Improve meat quality

After animals have eaten garlic, because of the aroma of allicin, it can reduce the fishy smell of the meat itself and improve the umami of the meat.



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