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What are the benefits of astaxanthin supplements?

Astaxanthin is widely used in food additives, cosmetics, health products, and medicine. In fact, natural astaxanthin is mainly derived from Haematococcus pluvialis extract.

Astaxanthin has strong antioxidant properties and efficient free radical scavenging ability, so astaxanthin is widely used in many industries. So what are the benefits of astaxanthin supplements and how do they work?

1. Delay aging

Astaxanthin is effective in helping to fight free radicals in the human body and has a good anti-aging effect.

2. Improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems

Astaxanthin can help regulate the body's cholesterol very well, and it is ideal for reducing blood viscosity and promoting blood circulation.

3. Improve human immunity

Astaxanthin can increase the number of immune cells, thereby enhancing the body's immunity.

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