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What are the benefits of white kidney bean extract?

White kidney bean extract is a natural amylase inhibitor extracted from white kidney beans. Its main active ingredient is α-amylase inhibitory protein, which exists in the endosperm of white kidney bean seeds. What are the benefits of white kidney bean extract? In some clinical trials, white kidney bean extract is mainly aimed at people who lose weight.

White kidney bean extract contains phaseolin, a substance that restricts the body's synthesis of α-amylase, a type of α-amylase that helps break down carbohydrates. When the action of α-amylase is inhibited, starch cannot be digested. This causes the body to absorb fewer carbohydrate calories. The body cannot break down and assimilate starches, they are excreted, in other words, the body creates less new fat and produces fewer calories.

1. Lose weight

2. Reduce body fat content

3. Lower blood triglyceride levels

4. Improve blood sugar utilization and regulation

5. Lose body fat on a high-calorie diet

Applications of white kidney bean extract:

Solid beverages, tablet candy, dairy products, infant food, elderly food, medicine and health food, health nutrition, puffed food, condiment, baked food, snack food, frozen food, convenience food, etc.

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